Friday Musings No. 1

• Lately, my absolute favorite room in the house is our nursery. It is far from complete and doesn’t really have much stuff in it yet, but I just love being in there. I find myself often sitting in the glider just looking at her crib and clothes and wondering what she will be like. I can’t wait.

• For some reason, I have developed an obsession with vintage baskets. I just can’t get enough of them and really hope to start my collection soon!

• Another obsession of mine this week? Topiaries. I am definitely a black thumb sort of person, but I really want to change this. I might try to find an inexpensive topiary and see if I can keep it alive. Fingers crossed.

• I finally got my hands on Nora Murphy’s Country House Style book and love it. So much inspiration and beautiful photos packed into the pages. It is currently only $16 on amazon, so if you have wanted to snag a copy now is the time!

• Last weekend, my dear husband and I drove 10 hours to pick up a Facebook marketplace find. Yes he is a saint and yes I am crazy for wanting to do that at 27 weeks pregnant. I definitely paid for it the rest of the weekend! It was so worth the trip though because it is something I have been searching for forever. I can’t wait to share more about it with you guys later, maybe next week?

• I’ve always been a neutral loving girl. I just can’t help it. Lately though, I have become obsessed with adding some color to our bedding. For years we have had nothing but all white bedding. I really want to add some sort of color to it. I’m thinking tan and green? I’ve got an inspiration board that I hope to share with y’all soon. It will be awhile until I can implement all this (mainly because money), but it is still fun to plan ahead!

Have a great weekend, friends. 😊

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