Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: Just left the Dr. and I am at a grand total of 29 lbs. Honestly….not loving this. She said I’m right on track and I’m trying to focus on that, but it is getting to me a little.

Baby is the size of: A cantaloupe

Cravings: Last week I had a craving for KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy. I haven’t had those in at least 15 years, so that was a little weird, haha. This week I’m having a huge craving for a lobster roll. Luckily, we tend to make those at home anyways, so I can just make it warm and it will still be pregnancy safe. šŸ™ŒšŸ»

How I’m Feeling: Sleeping is pretty much impossible now. I’m also not able to do as much anymore without getting sore and tired. It feels like I am back in the first trimester!

Swelling is a new one, so that has been a little annoying. Wow, I sound so negative in this section and I don’t mean to be. I am so grateful to be able to carry our child, but this last week has been a little rough. I’m also getting really emotional easily, so that’s fun!

Wedding Rings: off. It finally happened and I can’t wait to be able to put them back on again after she is here.

Belly Button Status: It’s really strange because it is currently half in, half out.

Movement: Movement has slowed down a little because she is getting out of room, but still pretty active to where I don’t worry about it. The other night I swear I think she was trying to stretch her limbs out. It was a little adorable and a little uncomfortable! šŸ˜‰

Favorite moment of the week: Feeling those little stretches and learning that she is already in the birthing position! I have been worried she will be breech (I’m a worrier by nature), so hopefully she doesn’t flip back up before I go into labor.

Most looking forward to: My husband coming home this weekend. He has been on a work trip since the end of April, so I have really been missing him. That might also have something to do with how uncomfortable I have been lately because he is not here. On the flip side, it has been so nice having family here until he returns. My dad is visiting this week and it has been awhile since I’ve had some one-on-one time with him, so that’s always fun.

Thankful for: Honestly, air conditioning! šŸ˜‚ It is getting HOT here, so I’m thankful that we have this modern convenience.

Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

Gender: Girl šŸ’•

Weight Gain: Ugh, starting to not like this section, haha. Right now I am up 22 lbs. My Dr. isn’t concerned, but I can’t help not liking the scale right now.

Baby Growth: Eggplant

Cravings: One that has started recently is chocolate milk. I am absolutely obsessed with it right now and would drink it like it is water if I didn’t restrain myself. It’s even gotten so bad to where when I wake up it is the first thing I think about. Publix chocolate milk only, by the way. No other brand compares. šŸ˜‰

How Iā€™m Feeling: I don’t want to complain too much because I know it is such a blessing to be able to carry our baby. Let’s just say that I am definitely feeling like I am in the 3rd trimester now. No energy at all and tons of aches, especially at night.

My hormones are also getting really bad. I find myself constantly weepy. Yesterday I got really upset about something and started sobbing, then laughing hysterically, then sobbing again. It was nuts.

Wedding Rings: Still on, but I’m afraid that will change soon. I really hope I’m wrong.

Belly Button Status: Like the previous, still an innie. I don’t expect this to stay the same way for long though.

Movement: Still moving pretty good. Yesterday when my husband was home, she started moving like crazy in there to where we could see it all on the outside. She was shaking my belly and making it jump up and down. It was a little freaky, but so sweet at the same time. I am so glad Dalton was here to witness it. šŸ˜Š

Favorite Moment this Week: I’ve been feeling a ton of pelvic pressure lately, particularly on my left side. I mentioned it to my Dr., so she started to feel around. Turns out that baby girl likes to keep her head in that area. That was pretty neat to learn.

Sleep: Really not so bad yet, but I know that will probably change soon. I will say that I always wake up early in the morning (around 5 a.m.) and can never go back to sleep afterwards.

Clothes: Some of the maternity clothing that I bought at the beginning of my second trimester is already starting not to fit. šŸ˜© I will probably have to cave soon and order more, but I just hate spending the money on it for only a few more months. I’m thinking of getting some cheap maternity dresses off Amazon to get me by.

Most Looking Forward To: My mom coming to visit in a couple of weeks.

Thankful for: Passing my glucose testing. Praise the Lord! šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks + Baby Shower Recap

Taken at technically 24 weeks, but I promise I still look the same šŸ˜‰

Gender: Expecting a sweet little lady named Emma

Weight Gain: After my Dr.’s appointment this past Wednesday, weighing right on track at 17 lbs.

Baby Growth: the size of cauliflower!

Cravings: I’ve been craving Sonic’s mozzarella sticks pretty bad lately. It started one night randomly at 9:30. My sweet husband went out to get me some, even though it was late and he had to work the next day. He’s a keeper.

How I’m Feeling: My energy is pretty much non-existent this week. Maybe because we are getting closer to the third trimester mark? I’ve also been having some really bad stretching and heartburn still. šŸ‘ŽšŸ»

Movement: Baby girl is thriving in there and I am often convinced that she is either kickboxing or breakdancing. Almost all of her movement is now visible from the outside, which is nuts! Still can’t distinguish whether the movement is a hand or foot yet though.

Favorite Moment this Week: Our glider was delivered today, so that was exciting. Really itching to get the nursery finished, so I guess nesting is also kicking in!

Sleep: Some nights good, some nights not so good. Can’t complain too much though.

Clothes: Living in maternity leggings and night dresses. I’ve already started growing out of the pair of maternity jeans that I bought earlier this pregnancy, so will probably have to buy another pair soon.

Most Looking Forward To: Finding out the results of my glucose testing next week. The suspense is killing me and I’m at the point where I just want to know. Hopefully it is good news.

Thankful for: God blessing me with this sweet baby girl. A friend of mine lost her baby boy this week and my heart is just breaking for them, so it has been a constant reminder that I am fortunate. When I am reminded of their devastating loss, I gladly will take all of the negative side effects of pregnancy with no complaints.

A couple pictures from our baby shower last week: